Instructional Coaching

From Education Theory to Instructional Excellence


Once you’ve been to the workshops and done the research, how do you make the big ideas a reality in your classroom?

Maybe you need to talk to someone about your classroom, your students, and your situation.

That’s where instructional coaching comes in.

Our instructional coaches are expert educators, ready to help your teachers with planning, relational learning, and other high-impact classroom practices.

Benefits of Instructional Coaching


Our coaching isn’t just about feeling good. You’ll see measurable increases in teaching effectiveness and student outcomes.

Time Management

In education, every minute is precious. Our coaches help you make the most of prep periods and instructional time.


Teaching takes guts. Instructional coaching builds confidence and helps you own your professional growth.

"I’ve been to some amazing workshops, but usually felt overwhelmed when I came back to my classroom and tried to implement everything I had learned. Working with a coach was different. My coach took the time to get to know my personality and teaching styles - it always felt like I was being supported, rather than judged.

- Veronica, Grade 5 Math Teacher, New York City

Areas of Focus

For each session, you choose a primary area of focus. Either maintain a consistent area of focus for the entire engagement, or work through cycles of reflection, planning, practice, and assessment.


Reflect on your strengths as an educator. Set Goals. Create a plan for success


Deepen your understanding of standards. Plan engaging units and lessons.


Develop teaching competencies, including questioning, facilitation, and management.


Review data and student artifacts. Implement alternative and formative assessments.

Bring the benefits of instructional coaching to your classroom, school or district.

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Our coaches are expert teachers who have made the shift. We all started out buried in paperwork, trying to make it through each week. At some point, we made a change. We stopped wasting time on what didn’t work, and we invested that time in the habits and practices that have an impact.

If you’re ready to make those changes for yourself, let’s talk.

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